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Home Remodeling - Season 3 (2017)

September 13, 2017
We had some great plans for this Summer's home remodeling works, unfortunately, we faced some obstacles, and decided to stop any further home remodeling works for this year. Despite being pretty upset about our situation, we still enjoyed a great Summer at our rural country property. Here I'm adding pictures,...

Waiting For The Water Level To Rise In The Pond

January 25, 2017
In the mid Summer 2016, we did a major task - dug a pond, after pond excavation works we were left with a large hole in the middle of our rural property. There are no incoming streams actually which could fill pond faster and we are left with just rain and snow waters. Luckily, there were a lot rain this...

Pond Digging - Part 3 - The Result

August 09, 2016
This morning started with a surprise, I was still sleeping, when my partner awakened me and told - pond guys are digging. I was surprised, because I didn't heard a sound. Maybe I was too tired from yesterday's pond draining or as it turned latter - the modern excavators are quiet.  Anyway, I was not surprised...

How to drain a pond with a pump and hose - Digging Pond - Part 2

August 06, 2016
Today I had a chance to excel in pond works - I was left with no choice but to drain the pond. Luckily the pond guys brought an electric pump to make my life much easier.  If you are new to home remodeling series, make sure you check out an article on how it all started about a year ago. And of course check...

Pond Digging - Part 1

July 27, 2016
Today come with a huge surprise, we were not on site, when a pond digger called and informed - we are heading toward your house to clean (dig) your pond. The thing is, we negotiated with pond guys such tasks a few week ago, but didn't agree on terms. Huge was our surprise when arrived on site we saw following...