Waiting For The Water Level To Rise In The Pond

Updated: 25 January, 2022 seen 114

In the mid Summer 2016, we did a major task - dug a pond, after pond excavation works we were left with a large hole in the middle of our rural property.

There are no incoming streams actually which could fill pond faster and we are left with just rain and snow waters.

Luckily, there were a lot rain this Summer and our small pond started to fill with water.



Lovely evening mood and cat on the inspection walk.

Pond seems rather really small from picture above, which is not true in fact,it just has been recently excavated and waiting for water to fill in. It took less than two months and even grass have grown back. See: Pond Digging - Part 3 - The Result 



View towards house from the road side. 

I wonder what will we see this Spring?


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