Affordable Rental Prices in Catalonia, Spain - Starting EUR 400.00/month


Today I was looking for long term apartment rentals in Spain and I was surprised of how cheap some of them are. Honestly, looking through some of the photos I was surprsied.I have been in Spain just once, and I have seen just a small part of it, last autumn we headed to Catalonia, we visited places like Barcelona, Girona, Figueras, Roses, Cadacues, Sitges and other. You can read a full review of my Spain + Andorra travel guide here.I found a rental site of where according…

Exploring Catalonia: from Roses to Cadaques


On our second day on Catalonian trip, we left Girona and headed to Roses (Girona municipality) and after a short 5 minute stay at Roses we headed to Cadaques (Girona municipality). I decided to stick with motto: one picture can say more than 1000 words, and here you have - 30 pictures I took during our trip Roses, Girona - Cadaques, Girona. Beach at Roses, Girona Roses, Girona Literraly after 5 minutes here at Roses beach we decided - there is no need to dig deeper in this beautiful…