Buying Property in Tbilisi - EcoCity Samgori - January 2023 Update


My mom visited us in Tbilisi for about a 2-week stay. As it was already the end of January, and I have the plan to visit our construction site at least once a month, to document the progress, take some photos and enjoy a cup of coffee at the local Navthlugi market, I decided to take my mom with me and go for a short excursion to Samgori. Prior to that, after our second monthly payment to the Developer, I sent a message over WhatsApp asking what is the progress of the construction site, and…

Life and Business in Georgia


Life and Business in Georgia - or another awesome weekend has been recorded - Together with a business partner from Canada exploring construction sites in Tbilisi, building relationships while hiking around Turtle lake, and sipping hot wine with Guliani. Fun with Santa and his socks. Thumbs up and enjoy!

How To Buy (or not) Real Estate in Tbilisi - Samgori EcoCity December 2022 Update


At the start of December 2022, Uday, a business partner from Canada arrived in Tbilisi, and we went together to the Meti office in Saburtalo to meet with the developers and sign the documents on-site (we already had them electronically). After the meeting with the developers, we went to the actual construction site in Samgori. I have been eyeing real estate in Georgia since I originally come up with my idea - buying black frame projects in Batumi, I wanted to raise the capital using a token (…

Scouting Potential Apartment Investment in Tbilisi (Samgori Ecocity)


For the past couple of weeks and months, I have been working toward my Tbilisi real estate investment idea. Now I have a potential co-investor and we are looking to buy one apartment in Tbilisi (or Batumi) under construction, wait until it is completed, and sell it for a profit (hopefully). As I had done initial market research for some potential value deals in Tbilisi, I found this quite an interesting offer located in the city outskirts but meantime well connected to the rest of the city -…

East Point Shopping Mall in Tbilisi


There is a new and modern shopping center recently built and opened for public in Tbilisi. Meet East Point. Located in suburbs of Varketili (neighborhood of Tbilisi) next to Kakheti highway on the road to Tbilisi Airport. More than 150 clothing, shoes and accessories fashion retailers under one roof for your unique taste. Bowling and 8-ball pool in a very exquisite environment. A huge entertainment area specially built for children, 10 movie theaters with brand new movies and world premieres…

Few shots from Samgori, Tbilisi


Samgori is a district in Tbilisi, which is connected to the city center by the metro. Seems that the Samgori neighborhood is rarely visited by tourists I first visited this part of Tbilisi back in August/September 2013. A lot has changed ever since, and now I considering investing in Samgori real estate market, as the property prices stile are among the lowest in the city  A place to grow