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Catching Sunset Photography at The Libyan See (Crete, Greece)

January 06, 2018
The Libyan Sea is the portion of the Mediterranean Sea north of the African coast of ancient Libya, i.e. Cyrenaica, and Marmarica (the coast of what is now eastern Libya and western Egypt, between Tobruk and Alexandria).This designation...

Crazy, Stupid, Love - Tranquil Rough Adventures in Crete

October 18, 2017
This was one of the most beautiful and craziest days, we experienced in Crete, during our 3 weeks long trip around the Island (June 2017).  Seems, it was just in the morning, we took our rental Opel car at Agia Marina and we were heading nowhere. Just exploring the Island. We had a lovely breakfast...

Wandering In The Woods B&W Photography

August 29, 2017
For the second year in the row I agreed to go to the same forest and harvest mushrooms, instead of a catch of forest goodies, I spent a few days finding interesting, eye catching elements in the woods. Don't get me wrong, I did find some forest mushrooms (eatable), but compared to previous year's experience this...

Mild Summer Evenings at Agia Marina Beach in Crete

August 27, 2017
We traveled to Crete, at the start of June 2016, after capturing mesmerizing postcards from Chania, we continued our route to Agia Marina, where stayed for about 3 nights at Vergina Beach hotel After, we continued our trip deeper in Island, and at the end of this trip returned to this area for another 5 days...

A Perfect Harmony

February 03, 2017
It was on a still and tranquil evening after a hard work day on home remodeling - for the record, today was one of the toughest days in my constructors career as we faced some really though obstacles to overcome. More about that, learn in this article: Fall Through The Ceiling, Dig a Trench Around Foundations...

Lazy Day in Beach (Torremolinos, Spain)

December 21, 2016
It was on our last day from trip to Spain (region of Andalusia). Our trip ended at the same point where it started at Malaga, or more precisely at Torremolinos. We checked in at hotel, left our belongings at went to spend this afternoon at beach, turns out we have visited this same beach some 7 days ago already,...

Mushrooms in backyard

August 25, 2016
The other day my aunt visited us at our country house, we spent some lovely time together, and while somewhere in the woods near Akmenrags lighthouse we hunted for chanterelle fungi, should I mention we found just enough to make a barely pan of sauce?  The day my aunt left, my better part went for mushrooms...

Another morning, another beatiful mist

August 23, 2016
It seems I have a new tradition - for the second year in the row I have captured beautiful morning mist in our country house backyard. Alright, previous year my beloved did the shooting while I was dreaming about roof works. This time I couldn't sleep (as I was thinking of upcoming bathroom remodeling works), and I...

Cats on The Rocks

August 21, 2016
Recently I featured a post about how we built a rock garden in the front of our country house. I reported a lovely sunset just shortly. In today's Piece of Life series - little creatures who enjoys the most of our new rock garden. Meet our lovely cats Tiger and Richard. Cat on the rock A nice observation...

Red Sunset in our Rock Garden - Cool Evening Mood

August 17, 2016
This Summer spoiled us with a lovely sunsets, but one of the most empathic had been observed  in front of our house at rock garden.  Red/Orange Sunset at Rock Garden See how we built this rock garden a few days ago. Country house during sunset There is still a lot of to do, and it...

Our neighbor - Fox baby

August 14, 2016
For the second year in the row we have one small and lovely neighbor - baby fox. Once we met him at the bus stop, looked amazing - fox going to the city, the other morning bad farmers had mowed crop fields and baby fox seemed very disappointed. Today we met our friend, just wandering on the road. baby...

Sunflower fields in Andalusia, Spain

July 17, 2016
In today's Piece of Liefe series - Sunflower fields in Spain. We continued our route toward Jerez de la Frontera, when suddenly sunflower fields popped out - we had no choice left, if was time to make some panoramic from here.See what we got. Sunflower fields in Spain This makes a nice addition to...

Beautiful morning mist

March 16, 2016
It was an early morning of August, back in 2015, I was still sleeping, tired of yesterday's hard work of unloading few tones of sand from our rural house's loft, probably still dreaming to finish anytime soon roofing works, when my better part took DSLR camera and went out shooting - look - what a beautiful mist...

Stacking firewood in barn

February 05, 2016
Last summer taught me a lot of new things. I tried mowing grass with a scythe after which I "upgraded" to a trimmer. After all I was doing a new thing for me - home remodeling.  In today's Piece of Life photo series I will share with you another great outdoor activity I did last summer - stacking firewood...

Summer in Latvia

January 19, 2016
Ask me - what does Latvia associates to me - and I will answer -  haystacks and mild Summer nights. Unfortunately last summer (2015) I didn't find any haystack in Latvia at all (instead they are using hay rolls), but I did enjoyed some wanderings in cornfields (and, yes, they are great for photography) In...