Another morning, another beatiful mist

It seems I have a new tradition - for the second year in the row I have captured beautiful morning mist in our country house backyard.

Alright, previous year my beloved did the shooting while I was dreaming about roof works. This time I couldn't sleep (as I was thinking of upcoming bathroom remodeling works), and I noticed - a mist. In our backyard. See it for yourself:

Mist over our pond and neighbors meadow

Few things have changed this year: we have freshly dug pond and neighbor have packed hay into plastic packages.

Mist in our backyard territory

Few things have changed in this scene as well - first we have a new roof, second constructions works still continues, but instead of roof laths this morning we had supporting beams, cool right?

Mist in the garden

Mist in rock garden

Yup, we built a rock garden few weeks before. Can't wait for next year's beautiful morning mist!