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Hotel Talsi

April 13, 2019
Hotel “Talsi” is located in a picturesque place, next to Vilkumuiza lake. Hotel "TALSI" offers 53 different standard Single, Double rooms and comfortable Suites.  I booked Hotel Talsi, for a couple of days (nights) in August 2017. As there are not many hotels located in Talsi, Hotel Talsi seemed like a...

Bīne Restaurant in Talsi

April 06, 2019
Bīne restaurant is located in Talsi, on Krišjāņa Valdemāra street 13, close to the Hotel Talsi. That's how I actually discovered this place back in 2017, while I stayed for a couple of nights at Hotel Talsi this restaurant/cafeteria was the closest dining place from the hotel. Restaurant Bīne serves typical...

Postcards from Talsi

July 06, 2018
Talsi is a city in Latvia, I have discovered just lately. During the Summer of 2017, I had to spend here some time. During my stay, I discovered some amazing places, and have returned here for a couple of times more. In today's Piece of life series - postcards from Talsi. Postcards from Talsi Reminds me...

Restaurant Istabas In Talsi Review

July 04, 2018
Restaurant Istabas in Talsi is among the best restaurants I've tried in Latvia lately, located on Liela street 31 in Talsi city, the restaurant offers great views of Lake Talsi . Istabas restaurant serves great European/American cuisine. First visited back in the Summer of 2017,...

Talsi Evangelical Lutheran Church

June 29, 2018
On the top of the abrupt Baznīcaskalns (Church Hill) stands the white masonry Talsi church – the dominant of the old town. It was built in 1567 and later rebuilt for several times. A transept and sacristy are attached to a rectangular, elongated building. Talsi Evangelical Lutheran...

Talsi Regional Museum

June 27, 2018
Talsi has been on my radar since the Summer of 2017. One of the first tourism attractions I discovered here is Talsi Regional Museum.  For a long time, I thought it's probably some manor house or something, but doing a Google search I learned I was wrong. Well, as I have never been inside...