Tbilisi Real Estate

Tbilisi Airbnb market overview - October 2023


Back in 2022, I had the idea of creating a Tbilisi Airbnb property management service. I created a few articles on my blog and got some attention from the expats living in Georgia, but haven't yet concluded any deal. Recently I got contacted by a French investor and we agreed to share a cup of coffee to talk about a potential partnership I decided to take another look at the Tbilisi Airbnb property market.   According to AllTheRooms, the average daily rate in October 2023, for hosts earned in…

Buying Property in Tbilisi - EcoCity Samgori - January 2023 Update


My mom visited us in Tbilisi for about a 2-week stay. As it was already the end of January, and I have the plan to visit our construction site at least once a month, to document the progress, take some photos and enjoy a cup of coffee at the local Navthlugi market, I decided to take my mom with me and go for a short excursion to Samgori. Prior to that, after our second monthly payment to the Developer, I sent a message over WhatsApp asking what is the progress of the construction site, and…

How To Buy (or not) Real Estate in Tbilisi - Samgori EcoCity December 2022 Update


At the start of December 2022, Uday, a business partner from Canada arrived in Tbilisi, and we went together to the Meti office in Saburtalo to meet with the developers and sign the documents on-site (we already had them electronically). After the meeting with the developers, we went to the actual construction site in Samgori. I have been eyeing real estate in Georgia since I originally come up with my idea - buying black frame projects in Batumi, I wanted to raise the capital using a token (…