Tbilisi Airbnb market overview - October 2023

  • In October 2023, the Tbilisi Airbnb property market saw an average daily rate of $46, reflecting a 4% decrease from the previous month but a significant 15% growth compared to May 2022.
  • The occupancy rate in October reached 49%, marking a 2% increase over the previous month, indicating a promising trend for property owners.

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Back in 2022, I had the idea of creating a Tbilisi Airbnb property management service. I created a few articles on my blog and got some attention from the expats living in Georgia, but haven't yet concluded any deal.

Recently I got contacted by a French investor and we agreed to share a cup of coffee to talk about a potential partnership I decided to take another look at the Tbilisi Airbnb property market.  

According to AllTheRooms, the average daily rate in October 2023, for hosts earned in Tbilisi was $46, which is a -4% decrease if compared to the previous month (September 2023). but a15% growth if compared to May 2022, when I did my first overview of the Tbilisi Airbnb market.

The occupancy rate in October was 49% (a +2% increase compared to the previous month)

Tbilisi Airbnb market overview October 2023
  • There were 4,402 listings in Tbilisi during the month of October (which is significantly less than in May 2022, when the total listing were more than 6,000)
  • The average earning per listing is $582 (-2% growth). a significant increse if comapred to May 2022, when it was about $339

Taking all those data together, it seems that the Tbilisi Airbnb property market in the month of October was worth about $2,98M (significant increase if compared to May 2022, when the total market value was about 2.16M).

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