Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument


Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument is a small lake in Kazbegi Municipality in Truso valley on the left bank of Terek River, to the east of the village Abano at 2,127 m above sea level. First discovered back in Summer of 2021, during the Kazbegi trip The lake was created by a carbon dioxide filled underground stream flowing to the surface through carbonate rocks from the late Jurassic period. The lake "boils" loudly with carbon dioxide bubbles bursting. The outflow of the stream is 2.5…

Kazbegi trip / Offroad version


I've been traveling to Kazbegi and the region several times, but just recently I started discovering other cool places like Juta or Truso valley. It was at the end of July 2021 we just returned from Latvia, when an ex-pat German friend offered to take an easy weekend trip to Kazbegi together. As we had done the Vashlovani trip together a few weeks earlier I agreed. We installed our baby's child seat in his Nissan Xtra SUV car and the trip begun. We left at 9 AM from Tbilisi, and our first…

Terek Valley Viewpoint


Terek Valley viewpoint is located along the Georgian military road, close to the border with Russia. Maybe not as impressive as Georgia - Russia Friendship monument located near the Gudauri, still, if you happen to be in this area of the world, give it a try, views are still quite spectacular. There is a little altar of sacrifice built at the viewpoint At the start I mistakenly thought this is a Darial gorge, just later thanks to the drone's built-in GPS I was able to narrow down this place on…

Kazbegi Trip 2021


Kazbegi trip - or searching for hot pools at Truso Valley, wandering at Darial gorge near the Georgian - Russian border, reaching Gveleti waterfall, walk in the clouds at Gergeti.. and of course a lot of offroad driving. Thanks, Ralph Schmidt and Rosemarie Rivera for making this trip happen. July 24-25, 2021

Truso Valley


 Truso Valley is known for its mineral water springs, white/yellow travertines, mineral lake with bubbles, towers of middle ages, -most notably Zakagori castle, villages on a very high altitude such as Resi (2350m), tasty cheese and Ossetian Khabidzginas (khachapuri with cheese and potatoes) and nice people. I first visited this area during a weekend trip to Kazbegi (Stepatsminda) at the end oh July 2021.  To get there, we took a left turn in Kobi village, passing Kobi Cable car station. The…