90 days in a row of writing articles for a new start-up

March 30, 2014
I started my blog with a blog contest for myself - Can you blog 365 days in a row. I has been already 6 months since that, and I'm writing articles every day.  Update: The further mentioned start up company in this article is not active anymore, though all Drupal related content is kept on this blog (the one...

terramatris - professional web design

January 29, 2014
Yesterday I wrote of mine idea of creating a web agency. Today I'm willing to share websites address, www.terramatris.euAbout terramatris:We provide first class web solutions for organizations and small businesses looking to make a big impact online. Our services include web design, online marketing campaigns, and...

Creating a web agency

January 28, 2014
As you may already know - I'm working as Drupal developer, I'm building drupal powered sites. But not only.Working with Drupal doesn't mean - I work just core with Drupal - I do a lot other things as well - like SEO, PPC and other marketing activities. I'm in this business some 10 years already, with core Drupal...