10 Year Blog Anniversary

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10 years ago today, on October 10, 2013, my blog went online at reinisfischer.com

10 years have passed like a flicker, especially the last 6 or 7 years. Over the years the blog has turned into a massive archive covering my travels in Georgia and around the World, documented progress on stock investments, options trading and even running a crypto hedge fund.

Over the years I have documented the progress of home remodeling, apartment remodeling and even building a frame house from scratch. We have been building mining rigs, launched custom tokens on the blockchain, and many more. In the recect years I've put more effort on video content and I try to publish 1 video weekly.

For many years the blog was earning enormous affiliate income from Amazon Associates, something which still brings us in a couple of dollars every month.

For most of the years, I was writing an article per day, which now has stayed at around 5 articles per week. For the next year, I'm looking to limit it even further down to just 4 articles per day - Monday to Thursday.

I will keep my focus on TerraMatris crypto hedge fund for the years to come, in fact, Terramatris is almost 3 years older than my blog, I founded TerraMatris as a Drupal development company back in the end of 2010. Something that didn't work as expected - I was never able to take it off as a Drupal company, I had some customers and still have, I keep performing Drupal development tasks - but this is something completely I'm not interested in anymore. 

My body weight this morning was 94kg - I hope I will be under 90, before turning 11. Also I found that I should sell cash secured puts on Dow Inc stock for the next 52 weeks.

Thank you!