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Rose Garden 'Dailas Rozes' near Tukums in Latvia

September 11, 2017
We received a special request, from a special person, to deliver park rose Rītausma, which could translate as Dawn in English. Rītausma is a local, Latvia selected park rose breed. To get one (seedling price was about EUR 5), we had to cross half of the country, to find this special, precious rose at Dailas...

Abandoned Airfield Near P104 (Jaunpils-Tukums) Road (Latvia)

November 07, 2015
As I stated in my previous post about beautiful poppy fields near P104 Jaunipils - Tukums road in Latvia, there is a hidden treasure inside those lovely fields - an abandoned airfield.  I doubt it has been used for any military means, more for agriculture (field spraying from a biplane). So I...

Beautiful Poppy Field Near P104 (Jaunpils-Tukums) Road (Latvia)

November 05, 2015
Some might think what's so special with those poppy fields in some place called near P104 road in Latvia, and I might reply - probably there is nothing special, but since we used this bypass road to get to Riga all the Summer along, we just noticed them every time we drove past this district. Now I took...