Strange Day during the snowfall

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A few weeks ago Steffen contacted me about some things in Georgia. Turned out this German had some business in Latvia and while I was for a couple of days in Riga, he contacted me again and offered a handy hand at painting ceilings at Vilgale apartment.

Why not, I thought and for the first time, we met at the Virši petrol station near Tukums roundabout at the noon on this snowy December day.

Yes, it snowed a lot, even some kind of Orange warning was in the country. A few hours later we were already in Vilgāle, cleaning out the dust and painting ceilings. I was working with a paintbrush and edges, while Steffen painted the ceiling in the bedroom.

It was planned to stay overnight and I already booked a lovely Laidi guesthouse bathhouse, but then my better part called me and said the wood pellet stove is not working and we should go back to Riga. That's quite a lot of driving for one day. 2x180km and during the Orange warning (heavy snowfall)

Alright, we come back to Riga.

Seems I invited a German guy to paint 16m2 of the ceiling and help me out to clean some dust, for some small talk about Georgia and a cup of Coffee at the Cirkle K petrol station later in the evening. 

The local contractors would charge me some EUR 150 for this job and doubt they would clean out the dust. LOL