Turkey could join Eurasian Union

That said makes me think, that Turkey has no serious plans to join Eurasian Union. IMHO Turkey is teasing European Union. And why shouldn't? Turkey has long, long history on it's attempts to join European Union, but there always are some obstacles from EU side. And that makes Turkey angry.

From one side - EU is feeling fears, if Turkey will join EU, then mass migration of Turkish job seekers will over flood EU, on other hand it sounds kinda ridiculous.

Germany, the main country against Turkey in EU, has some "bad" experience with Turkish migrants. But, pardon me, how does it all started? Wasn't it Germany in 1960-ties seeking for extra manpower to brisk their economy? Wasn't Germany so cruel,that they didn't allow migrant families to live together, and Turk migrants had to live separate from their families over 4 years?

Large-scale migration of Turkish citizens to West Germany developed during the Wirtschaftswunder ("economic miracle") of the 1960s and 1970s. West Germany suffered an acute labour shortage because of the economic boom, in 1961, the Bundesrepublik and officials at the Turkish Republic negotiated a trade of labor. Turkish workers were invited to move to Germany to fill in this void, particularly to work in the factories to do simple repetitive tasks.

Turkish citizens soon became the largest group of Gastarbeiter—literally, guest workers—in West Germany, labouring alongside Italians,Yugoslavs,Spaniards, Greeks and other immigrants. The perception at the time on the part of both the West German Government and the Turkish Republic representatives was that working 60–80 hours a week in Germany would "only" be temporary.

After 3 or 4 years, the migrant workers showed considerable signs of distress and were permitted to re-unite with their existing and abandoned families. Eventually, many became settled permanent residents by default with the birth of offspring, school and other obligations in the new lands.



I don't think there is wrong attitude from Turks, but about German attitude toward Turks we can discuss.

Anyway - European Union is not willing to see Turkey as full member state in European Union, but European Union understands that Turkey is no more some weak economy. Turkey is G20 country, year by year climbing up and up. Actually Turkish GDP per capita has reached already some $10.000 thousands. 


Let's see, how GDP of Turkey has changed over years:


From $266 billions in 2000 to $789 billions in 2012. Turkey has increased it's GDP above 3 times.


GDP per capita



And now, lets look in future:

According to IMF prognosis, Turkey could reach $1 trillion mark already by the end of year 2016, and to reach $1.279 trillions by the end of 2018. That's damned huge increase, from $789 billions in 2012.

So that's said - I still not believe in any serious Turkey attempts to join Eurasian Union, I doubt Turkey's will to relay on Customs Union trade agreements, which would more likely to slow down Turkey's economy. I'm sure that will be accepted Germany offer for Turkey like it's with Norway. EU + Turkey.

On other hand - the ball is on Russian side now - Russians should act quickly, if they want to see Turkey in Eurasian Union. They should offer Turkey something really, really tempting.