Vashlovani Trip

  • Explored the stunning landscapes of Georgia, including the Vashlovani National Park and the Chachuna reservoir.
  • Encountered a diverse range of wildlife, including over 30 turtles, while crossing the desert sand.
  • Enjoyed unique experiences like stepping in volcano mud puddles and visiting abandoned Russian airfields, making for an unforgettable weekend adventure.

Epic Georgia! Epic Vashlovani!

Another awesome weekend recorded. Crossing desert sand, meeting more than 30 turtles, reaching man-built Chachuna reservoir, stepping in volcano mud puddles.

With an overnight stay in a camp base powered by solar power. Reaching Eagle canyon near Dedoplitskaro and having fun at abandoned Russian airfields in the middle of nowhere.

Many thanks to Ralph Schmidt for making this trip happen.
June 5-6, 2021