Weekend trip to Dedoplis Tskaro and nearby vicinity

This is a round-up post from a very easy weekend trip to Dedoplis Tskaro and the nearby vicinity. We did this trip the end of June 2019, traveling by car.

It was actually Summer Solstice if other years we had a large fire and amazing sunset photography, or at least a grill on Tbilisi apartments balcony, then this year it was completely different.

Originally it was planned to visit only lavender fields at Nukriani lavender, but then we extended this route to Dedoplis Tskaro, from here on we decided to find some local lake to take a swim while searching for one, the car malfunctioned and it was a question will we be able to get even back to Tbilisi this night. After having an unexpected stop at an interesting picnic area near the highway we booked a 5-star hotel and had a lovely morning swim there.


Nukriani Lavender fields in Georgia

6 October, 2019 | seen 843
Nukriani lavender fields are located near Nukriani village in the region of Kakehti, Georgia. Best way to get here when driving from Tbilisi is to take a shortcut before Chalaubani and drive the road Tsnori - Dedoplitskaro-Kvemi Kedi​. We…

Monadire Dedoplis Tskaro Restaurant

12 October, 2019 | seen 75
Monadire is a small roadside restaurant located in the town of Dedoplis Tskaro, we made a stop here at the end of June during our explorations in the area. The places look bit abandoned or not well maintained, but despite first looks - the…

Patara Tba near Dedoplis Tskaro

19 October, 2019 | seen 123
Patara Tba or Little lake is located near the town of Dedoplis Tskaro in the region on Kakheti, Georgia. We tried to visit this lake at the end of June 2019 but as the road heading here turned into an offroad turned our car back - as a…

Picnic Area - Vashlovani National Park 32 km

26 October, 2019 | seen 129
This picnic area is located on the crossroads before Chalaubani  - the Tsnori - Dedoplitskaro-Kvemi Kedi​ road. We made here a stop after our car malfunctioned while offroad driving trying to reach Patara Tba near Dedoplis Tskaro and it…

Ambassadori Kachreti Golf Resort

2 November, 2019 | seen 308
Located in Kachreti village, some 75 km from nations capital Tbilisi this 5-star hotel offers a tennis court and air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV. We booked a night here, returning from Dedoplis Tskaro at the end of June 2019.…