Picnic Area - Vashlovani National Park 32 km

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This picnic area is located on the crossroads before Chalaubani  - the Tsnori - Dedoplitskaro-Kvemi Kedi​ road.

We made here a stop after our car malfunctioned while offroad driving trying to reach Patara Tba near Dedoplis Tskaro and it happened so, that at this crossroad car just stopped - now we let it cool for a couple of hours and tried to enjoy our time here (wish we had some barbecue with us back then)

As we have been in constant searches for good picnic areas in Georgia, I'm listing it here

Picnic area near the road

Picnic area near the road

The place is well maintained, benches, chairs and tables are available. 

Next time will take some charcoal, grill and of course meat to grill when heading this part of Georgia.

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