Vialand Amusement Park in Istanbul

  • Vialand Theme Park is a large amusement park and shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey, covering an area of 600,000 m2.
  • The entry fee for a family of three was $240 USD, regardless of the age of the children (tip: book online to save)
  • The park offers a variety of attractions, including 24 rides and attractions, with options for both teenagers and small kids. The park was not overcrowded during our visit on weekday at the end of May 2023, operating at around 20% capacity.

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Vialand Theme Park is a huge amusement park and shopping mall located in Istanbul, Turkey.

We visited this theme park at the end of May 2023, during our weekend trip to Istanbul. We paid a 240 USD entry fee for a family of three (also kids pay full fare).

After visiting the park I was left with the feeling that the price might be way too overpriced for the attractions we actually used.  As we were traveling with our 4-year-old daughter, we were using just the bare minimum. The total price of USD 240 for spending a few hours at this theme park. Well, it depends. The daughter was quite happy at least. and that is the most important thing!

Vialand shopping mall in istanbul

For getting here, we used BiTaksi ride-sharing app, see: How to Get around Istanbul for cheap with this ride-sharing Taxi app. There are zillions of shops and dining options located at Vialand

Vialand theme park

On the Firday day, when we visited Vialand theme park, it was not overcrowded (as we thought before), in fact it seemed working on some 20% capacity.

Attractions at Vialand theme park

There are quite a lot of options to choose from, but seems many are aimed for teenagers. Though there is plenty to do also for small kids.

The complex covers and area of 600.000 m2

Vialand theme park

Is is said, there are 24 different rides and attractions in Vialand Theme Park Istanbul to choose from.

History of Istanbul boat tour

There are at least two types of boat tours inside the theme park, one of them is featurign the History of Istanbul. Quite ipresive installations, with dozzens of echanic turks.

Roller coaster at Vialand theme park in Istanbul

According to sources, that is the world’s 4th best Roller Coaster named “Nefeskesen (Breathtaking), that reaches to 110 km/hrs speed in just 3 seconds.

At the park we took plenty of attractions, 2 types of boats rides, a smaller roller coaster suitable for preschoolers, 3D Alladin ride and more. The price seems bit overpriced, but I believe you can buy ticklets online cheaper. In overall great place to visit, we managed to take about 4 hours with our 4-year old. 

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