Weekend Trip To Kiev, Ukraine

Updated: 17 January, 2022 seen 192

Weekend trip to Kyiv, Ukraine is a short recap of my 32 birthday celebrations back in 2017.

In short, we booked a central hotel in the city center, used local taxi's a lot, traveled forth and back to the distant neighborhoods, and tried a lot of great Ukrainian cuisine.

Traditions should be respected. For the fourth year in a row, I have been celebrating my birthday at one of the former Soviet Union member country's capital cities. It all started in Yerevan, continued in Tallinn, Vilnius and now it was the turn for Kyiv.

In fact, we made a short trip to Kyiv at the end of 2016, during a flight to the US, and back then we decided to return here in Summer. See Short Day Trip To Kiev, Ukraine


Kiev Boryspil International Airport

28 January, 2017 | seen 263
Boryspil International Airport  is an international airport in Boryspil, 29 km  east of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is the country's largest airport, serving 65% of its passenger air traffic, including all its intercontinental flights…

Hotel Ukraine in Kiev Review

2 June, 2018 | seen 257
Hotel Ukraine is a 4-star hotel located on Independence Square in the heart of Kiev, this hotel offers air-conditioned rooms and suites with elegant décor. It is a 3-minute walk from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Kreschatik Metro Stations.…

Disco Boat Tours in Kiev, along the Dnieper River

4 June, 2018 | seen 322
Boat Tours in Kiev, along the Dnieper River kind of reminded me a popular track from early 2000 by Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage. Loud music, a lot of booze and hell - it's really cool. We were just checked in at Hotel Ukraine, had…

Varenichnaya Katyusha Restaurant in Kiev

6 June, 2018 | seen 224
Varenichnaya Katyusha (Вареничная Катюша) is another cool Kiev's restaurant, discovered by accident back in the Summer of 2017.Turns out Вареничная Катюша is a popular restaurant chain across the Kiev. But I didn't know that back when…

Pesto Cafe Review in Kiev

8 June, 2018 | seen 60
Pesto Cafe is a popular restaurant chain located in Kiev, Ukraine. We visited branch located near the Independence square (located inside the shopping mall Globuss). Actually, that was the closest restaurant from our hotel room at Hotel…

Hryshko National Botanical Garden in Kiev

8 November, 2018 | seen 123
Turns out there are at least two botanical gardens in Kiev. In today's article, I will write and provide photographs from Hryshko National Botanical Garden taken back in Summer 2017. Apparently, we got here by a taxi from our hotel (Hotel…

Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas in Kyiv

11 November, 2018 | seen 157
The Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas is a Ukrainian Orthodox monastery in the Kievan neighborhood of Zverinets, a short distance from the medieval Vydubychi Monastery. We discovered this monastery back in 2017 when visited Hryshko National…

Roshen Candy Store in Kiev (Khotynska Street)

9 December, 2018 | seen 679
Roshen Confectionery Corporation is a Ukrainian confectionery manufacturing group. The leading manufacturer of confectionery products in the country, it operates facilities in the Ukrainian cities of Kiev, Vinnytsia and Kremenchuk, as well…

Puzata Hata, Khreschatyk Street, Kyiv, Ukraine

25 December, 2018 | seen 201
Puzata Hata is a popular (and probably the largest) chain in Kiev - it serves traditional Ukrainian cuisine for a budget price. Puzata Hata was one of our favorite Kiev restaurant chains we visited during our latest trip to Kiev in August…