Will Georgia boycott Olympic games in Sochi 2014?

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 904

In last days, it seems is a hot topic, here in Georgia, to boycot or not to boycot Olympic games in Sochi 2014.

Ones are for boycoting, of Russia-Georgia war 2008, which led to Russia recognized Abhkazia and South Ossetia as independent states.

Other are for normalization relationships with Russia.

Yesterday Georgian students made a protest for Georgia's participation in Sochi games in 7 Georgian cities.

Even PM of Georgia - Bidzina Ivanishvilli, has raised a question - to participate or not. Right now standing on opinion, that Georgia should wait, to see if this can be a humilation for Georgia. If Georgian side will feel any humilation, then Georgia will not take a participation. (Read more here in Russian)


If asked me, I would say this:

Since in Georgia's Olympic Winter games team are awaited to participate 3-9 participiants - I would boycot these games, making more worldwide attention, than taking a participation and getting just some humilation, as some might say.


Seriously 3-9 sportists? So much attention for them? Trust me - the effect will be bigger if to boycott. Georgia will have option to tell the world again about disputes with Russia.

If 3-9 Georgian sportists will take a participation, they should at least all of them take Gold medals - to show, who is the Boss :)