Will Ukraine sign Association agreement? Doubt that!

On November 28-29th in Lithuanian capital city Vilnius will be held Eastern Partnership summit, where it's awaited that Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova will sign an Association agreement.

IMHO - Ukraine will not sign this agreement? Why not? First of all - it's huge hoax. Ukraine and EU? Seriously? It's more to show Russia, that Ukraine wants go independent way.. But what independence EU can offer for Ukraine? 

Reading news in Russian - it seems deal has been on. Russia and Ukraine has already agreed on something. Yuliya Timoshenko is still in prison, what is one of the main obstacles EU can object on signing this agreement. Russia is promising many projects to finance in Ukraine, if Ukraine will not sign this agreement. 

Lithuania, with it's iron lady president Dalia Grybauskaite is trying hard to get this event to happen at all. Lithuanian president even visited inauguration of newly elected president of Georgia. I guess only reason she visited, was to make sure, Georgia will attend this event. 

Speaking of Georgia - I'm sure they will be there in Vilnius in this summit, and sign something. But will it matter after one year? Doubt that.