10 Things to Do in Tbilisi in October

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Autumn is a perfect time to spend your holidays in Georgia as long as the unbearable heat has declined and it is more than pleasant to walk in the daytime through busy avenues and narrow streets of charming Tbilisi.

Still, you may think that no matter what time of the year it is Tbilisi keeps hosting lots of tourists exploring its vicinity and suburban areas as well.

Activities that could interest you include not only leisure days and lazy walks in the avenues so be ready for long walking tours and wear appropriate clothes as the weather is extremely changeable in late September and early October.

Let’s make at least 10 points that could make your journey to Tbilisi colorful and enthralling. (scroll down for itinerary and map info)

  1. Visit Pantheon and Mama Davit Church that is situated right under Mtatsminda Park. The place is an amazing spot for making striking pictures of Tbilisi and the city seems to be put in the palm of your hand. You can walk through the Pantheon and ask the caretakers about famous Georgian writers, poets, dancers, and activists who are buried high on the hill. Don’t forget to drink the spring water and make a wish – they believe that whenever you drink it and think of something you want it comes true! The way that leads you to Pantheon is steep – the lift that characterizes a saint place indeed.

  2. Get lost in the Old City and climb up the unknown and narrow streets of Tbilisi without asking passersby how to get to the center. This is the most exciting part of the journey as there are loads of streets that remain unnoticed by foreigners who mostly spend their time in the main Rustaveli and Marjanishvili avenues. Streets in Old Tbilisi seem to be keeping charm and secrets of the 19th and 20th centuries’ life. Architecture is fascinating and vision of the so-called ‘Italian yards’ that have so much in common but still differ from each other a lot will be forever sealed in your memories.

  3. Sing with the street musicians! Recently lots of youngsters have been taking out their musical instruments and singing in the downtown of Tbilisi. It’s a great experience to merge into Georgian culture and feel the nature and hospitality of people whom you’re meeting for the first time in your life. Young boys and girls will gladly sing the song chosen by you. Later the show may include Georgian singing and dancing. Don’t walk past those cheerful guys and stay for a while to watch their show!

  4. Try new Zip-line that runs above the Botanic Garden! The height is about 30 meters and distance is 270 meters. That will cost you 30 GEL and will bring you an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to bring a selfie-stick with you and record the feelings and the scenery of the beautiful and historical Botanic Garden.

  5. Visit RezoRezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater in the tourist cluster district. The performances are unique – each in their own way and is accompanied by the beautiful music of the Georgian contemporary composers. You will see interesting and magic shows by puppets – some of them are tiny and others are three feet tall. The faces of the little stars are detailed and as if express emotions. You will not leave the hall disappointed as the puppet show overwhelms the public even more than regular theater performances.

  6. Eat delicious Georgian food like cheese- stuffed bread with an egg yolk, meat dumplings known as khinkali, veggies and dishes cooked with meat. You will be extremely satisfied if you prepare these pieces of culinary masterpiece yourself! It is possible to visit workshops and cook Georgian food with the professional cooks. Restaurant Qvevri provides lessons to all the comers and the ones who took a big liking in Georgian food. The workshops may last up to 5 hours but you can choose the easier culinary adventure and enjoy your food! See Tbilisi Restaurants

  7. Take a break from your trip and the walking tours - have a bath! Sulfur baths are famous for incredible water that makes you feel like a newborn baby. Baths are located in the Old Town and are easily recognized by a series of convex domes rising over the tranquil stream. It is a great pleasure to have a bath in the colder seasons as you feel the blessing of natural hot water when you leave the bath. There are both cheap and expensive rooms and the interior depends mostly on how much you are ready to pay. Try the services of ‘meqise’ – the person who makes a traditional Georgian massage with the help of a special broom made of plants designed for bathing procedures.

  8. Visit Dry Bridge and purchase Soviet stuff that can be found only in the countries of former the Soviet Union. The Flea Market is popular among collectors and people who are partial to old technology, clothes, medals, stamps, old tea-sets, and many many other things. It is possible to bargain there as long as the vendors love selling their goods for higher prices but later they surrender and cut off the price, though you will hear the phrase like ‘I sold it for a lower price only to you but don’t tell anyone about our bargain!’

  9. Visit the Peace Bridge situated in the heart of the Old Town. You can go on a cruise there down the Kura River and look at the city from the board of the ship. The city looks even prettier in the evening and the sound of water beneath your feet makes you feel the spirit of Tbilisi. After the cruise, you can go to the Rike Park and watch the illuminated fountains dance and sing. Pretty!

  10. Socialize in numerous bars in Tbilisi! Places like Fabrika, Dive, Warszawa, Canudos are already well-known among tourists and locals as well. Those are the places that live at night and change destinies as you meet strangers and interesting people from all over the world.