16 Things to do in Batumi

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Batumi is a port city of Georgia, located on the shores of the Black sea.

Pebbled beaches energize you with their natural force and astonish with the beauty of seashells that can easily be found right in the rocks, especially after storms.

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Close to the sea, you will find a new boulevard with lots of boutiques and cafes whereas in the old boulevard you can peacefully have a rest in the shade of giant trees. Being in the center of different kinds of musical events you can always find something close to you in Batumi.

In this article, I've listed the top 16 things to do in Batumi

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Batumi Botanical Garden

2 May, 2016 | seen 1,072
Batumi Botanical Garden is a must have to visit tourism attraction site when in Batumi. Botanical Garden is actually located at the place called Mtsvane Kontskhi ("The Green Cape") in distance of some 10 km from Batumi city on the Black…

Batumi Aerial Tram

2 June, 2014 | seen 2,251
One of the must have tourist attractions in Batumi is an aerial tram (cable car) ride. Built back in 2012 these gondolas will take you in a 2,5 km long route at maximum elevation of 252 meters. During you ride you will enjoy breathtaking…

Batumi Miracle Park

14 April, 2016 | seen 860
Miracle park located on the shores of Georgian Black sea resort town Batumi, features Alphabet tower, Statue of Lowers, Lighthouse, Ferris wheel and Chacha tower. It is directly connected to Batumi boulevard and Batumi city bay.  Visitors…

Argo Entertainment Center and Cable Car (Viewing Platform in Batumi)

21 April, 2016 | seen 833
By saying Argo Entertainment Center and Cable car I wanted actually to say - Batumi viewing platform. As this place is located at the other end of Batumi Aerial tram ropeway, and from here a spectacular view towards Batumi bay can be seen…

Batumi Bay and Port

13 April, 2016 | seen 286
Once in Batumi, take a lazy walk at Batumi bay area, watch ships on anchor and enjoy a cup of tasty Turkish coffee at some of the bay cafeterias.  From Batumi bay you could take an aerial tram and get some really spectacular views towards…

Piazza Square in Batumi

22 April, 2016 | seen 913
Piazza square in Batumi is one of the landmarks of city - square features luxury and boutique hotels, cafeterias and interesting architectural elements. A small Italian renaissance in Georgian sauce.  The visiting - card of Batumi, local…

Chacha Tower in Batumi

16 April, 2016 | seen 767
Chacha tower is really interesting tourist attraction site in Georgia's Black Sea resort town of Batumi. Originally built in 2012, it was meant to feature Georgian national spirit chacha fountain instead of water.  It has been noted that …

Alphabetic tower in Batumi

15 April, 2016 | seen 573
Alphabetic tower is one of the many skyscrapers of Batumi. The tower symbolizes the uniqueness of Georgian alphabet and people. Located in the Miracle park, Alphabetic tower of Batumi can be considered as one of the main tourist attraction…

Ali and Nino- The Statue of Love in Batumi

19 April, 2016 | seen 1,074
Batumi will never end to surprise you, and so does the Miracle park close to Batumi Bay. Exactly here is located a really cool statue of Love, meet Ali and Nino. I spent a lovely morning at Batumi Miracle park and photographed here a lot,…

Restaurant "Ukrainochka" in Batumi

6 May, 2016 | seen 481
Restaurant Ukrainochka is located at Batumi Railway Station terminal building, some 3 km from Batumi city centre. Food served here is true masterpieces of Ukrainian cuisine, not to mention blonde and beautiful Ukrainian girls serving your…

Cafe - Bar Qaravan in Batumi

20 April, 2016 | seen 226
If there is a reason to visit Qaravan restaurant in Batumi, Kiev's Cutlet, Olivie salads are just a few of my reasons. First discovered by accident back at the start of 2011, this place has been on my radar ever since.Located next to the…

Coffee bar Palms Batumi

30 May, 2014 | seen 716
Coffee bar Palms is one of the oldest coffee places I know located in Batumi park between Hotel Intourist Palace and Seaside Boulevard.  Here you can order scramble and delicious Turkish coffee for breakfast for reasonable price. Coffee…

Cafe La Brioche in Batumi

23 April, 2016 | seen 358
Cafe La Brioche is located at Batumi Pizza square on top floor at clock tower - delicious Italian coffee, masterpiece desserts and gourmet food is served here. If being in Batumi you feel an aroma of Italian coffee in the air, bravely…

Sunset photography from Batumi

28 May, 2014 | seen 948
Once I lived in Batumi for about 6 months and today after about one year I visited it again. Its amazing how Batumi has changed. New rope way has been built offering one of the most amazing views in the city. Many new skyscrapers has been…

Batumi Railway Station

5 May, 2016 | seen 2,803
Batumi railway station has been recently constructed and opened for public, making travels by train from Tbilisi to Batumi a little bit easier. Prior that, train stopped at Makjinjauri station (some 7 km from Batumi city center) I took a…

Plaza Hotel in Batumi

27 March, 2016 | seen 468
Are you looking for a budget friendly hotel in Batumi? I can highly recommend one -  Plaza hotel, located next to the Batumi bay. Plaza Hotel is located close to Batumi Port and in very short distance from city center. We booked Plaza…

Postcards from Batumi

6 July, 2016 | seen 234
At the start of March 2016, after about a two-year break I visited Batumi again. This time I was equipped with a DSLR camera, a tripod, and two days of free time. I decided to capture as much as I can. Result? In the pictures below. …