5 reasons why Batumi is better than Moscow (or other big city)

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This article was originally written as a guest post by Ms. Irina Nikolaeva (written back in 2017)

Last 10 years I was living in big cities.

At that time I moved from a small town in Belarus thinking that I need to live in a city with more people and more opportunities.

I started from St. Petersburg. After 5 years in the cultural capital of Russia, I decided that 5 million people is not enough for me and moved to Moscow. But last year everything changed.

I came to Batumi for the holidays, without a back ticket, thinking that it would be only for 2 weeks or 1-month maximum, but I couldn’t leave this place. There are some reasons why.

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The cost of life. I’m a freelancer. Last year I was working remotely from Moscow. In a month I earn about 1000$. My rented room costed 350$ per month (and it was a cheap price for Moscow), the rest of money I spent on food, transport, health and beauty stuff etc. So in the end of the month I always had only 10$ to buy something to eat. That was really nervous to count each coin choosing what I can buy for food.

Life in Batumi is very cheap comparing to Moscow. My 1 bedroom flat in the center of the city with exciting view and fully equipped has the same price, 350$.

View from balcony

(the view from my balcony)

I can eat in restaurants (middle check for food and drink is 8$), go anywhere by foot or take a taxi (middle price for the taxi is 50 cents). So I’m not nervous what i will eat tomorrow.

Batumi restaurant

Weather and nature. Opening eyes in the morning I see how the sun is rising under the mountains. In the afternoon I take a coffee and go to the beach, to watch the waves and calm down my mind. At night I’m watching the stars sitting on the balcony. While it was -20 in Moscow Batumi was warm and sunny. I don’t need to wear lots of clothes during the half of the year. Honestly, I hate winter with its lack of the sunshine and finally find the best climate for me.


Batumi bay

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Health. Well, If i drink less I would be more healthy but anyway here I can buy natural fresh products, drink tap water or buy cheap mineral water from Georgian mountains. My skin and hair feeling excellent, even my eyes are shining like I fell in love.

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People. It is so easy to find friends here. You can meet good people everywhere and they are open for the friendship. They are not busy or too tired with their job and could always find time for you. In Moscow I forgot how it could be, cause everyone was running on the short distance from home to the office. In Moscow I often was so tired of crowd of people as wanted only to close my room, lay under the blanket not communicate with anyone. In Batumi I meet with friends almost every day and I'm enjoying it.

Harmony. So, no stress, people’s support and warmth, beauties of nature, comfort weather, feeling healthy. Is it not a harmony? In this place I can calm down, restore the energy after 10 years career marathon and create new ideas how to achieve my life goals