Top 11 things to do in Batumi with Kids

  • Our family trip started in Tbilisi, where we picked up our child from QSI international school and flew to Batumi on Vanilla Sky airline from Natakhtari Airport.
  • We stayed at the affordable and charming Hotel O. Galogre in Batumi's Old Town, which offered a complimentary breakfast and a spacious family suite with stunning views of Piazza Square.
  • During our trip, we visited several famous attractions, such as the Batumi Botanical Garden, Alphabetical Tower, and Sarpi border with Turkey, and enjoyed local Turkish cuisine and entertainment options at Batumi Metrocity mall.

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Our family trip began in Tbilisi, where we picked up our child from QSI international school in Zurgovani village. From there, we traveled to Natakhtari Airport, where we took a one-hour flight on Vanilla Sky to Batumi.

Upon arrival at Batumi International Airport, we quickly booked a Bolt taxi through the app, and in just 15 minutes, we arrived at our hotel, the charming and affordable Hotel O. Galogre in the Old Town. Compared to the five-star hotels we've stayed in before, Hotel O. Galogre was a steal at one-third the price. The hotel offered a complimentary breakfast and a spacious family suite with two balconies that provided stunning views of the lively street and Piaza Square. The location was perfect, as it was close to many attractions.

On our first evening, we explored the neighborhood and discovered the rich Ottoman Empire history, tried the delicious local Turkish cuisine, and visited the nearby Batumi port.

The next day, we visited the Batumi Metrocity mall to find a kids' entertainment center and maybe do some shopping. The kids' entertainment center was great, and we spent about GEL 40, having a lot of fun. However, we found that the shopping and dining options at the mall were not very upscale, more like a lower-end outlet mall.

For dinner, we visited the recommended Panorama restaurant, located on the 36th floor, where we enjoyed delicious food and stunning photography. Although it was a bit expensive, it was worth it.

In the evening, we went to see the famous Alphabetical Tower of Batumi for the first time. The entrance fee was GEL 20 per person, and kids up to age seven were free. We enjoyed a cup of coffee at the height of 120 meters, and the view was breathtaking.

The next day, we visited the Batumi Botanical Garden and called a Bolt taxi to take us to the Western entrance near Chakvi for about GEL 9. We spent an amazing day at the Botanical Garden, enjoying a little picnic next to the Black Sea accompanied by a friendly stray dog. We explored different plants and trees and, most importantly, spent quality time together.

In the evening, we ordered a Bolt taxi to take us to the Georgia/Turkey border at Sarpi to take some fun photos and enjoy a cup of coffee. We returned to the hotel and prepared for our departure the next morning.

On the day of our departure, we checked out of the hotel, but we left our luggage at the reception desk as we still had a few hours before our flight back to Tbilisi. We revisited the Batumi Boulevard, Europe Square, and the famous statue of Medea, making the most of our remaining time.