6 month of blogging each day has passed

I started this blog on October 4th, 2013, and I started my blogging experience with a promise to blog 365 days in a row (including Christmas, New Years day and other)

I'm half way there. So I decided to give some insights how I'm performing for now.

My blog traffic stats has raised from very modest to decent modest, in January I even experienced my first traffic spike, when someone posted link to my blog, on highly popular site.

I'm experiencing traffic gains step by step, last month (March)  I got 542 unique visitors which of course is pretty modest number. My plan by end of September is to get stable 6000 unique visitors per month. Pretty much to grow, right? I must increase my traffic by some 12 times. 

Top 10 articles


As you can see, some economical articles are more popular over other types of articles. I like economics and statistics, so for now, it seems, pretty ok. 

My AdSense earnings for my blog is really modest, it might me some $3 over last 6 months. So I decided to work with my sites layout, to get higher CTR.

What's next?

In following next 6 month's I must achieve 6000 visitors a month, break even my hosting expenses, by receiving from AdSense $40/month. Right now I'm publishing just one article each day, I guess for this and next month I will increase my writing rate, posting about 60 articles in a month.