Growing Blog Audience to 200,000/mo users in next 365 days

Updated: 20 October, 2018 seen 113

Five years ago I started this blog with an experiment - Can you blog 365 days in a row? Now, five years later I know for sure, yes you can, you even can blog 5 X 365 days in a row. At least that what I just did.

Now, five years ago, when started this experiment I was looking to get a blog traffic of 6,000 users/mo at the end. 

Here was my motivation five years ago:

The reason I'm asking this question is - when starting something new - it all seems so exciting, so adventurous. But then comes routine, especially for blogging thing - you see that results are not so great.

In the past five year's blog has attracted more than 3 million users and generated more than 4.2 million page views. 

Blog traffic October 2013 - October 2018 (Data source: Google Analytics)

Blog traffic October 2013 - October 2018 (Data source: Google Analytics)

For the past five years, I have been writing every single day - that's more than 1800 days not missing an article (Ok, I missed two days back in 2014 actually)  - consecutive writing has been my corner strategy.

Since the second half of 2017, the average blog's audience has been more than 100,000 monthly, with the following being the top 3 months in the past

  • 121,000/users - July 2018
  • 120.000/users - January 2018
  • 113,000 /users - August 2017

Unfortunately, or for good, there has been a decline for the blog's traffic since the August 2018, with the past two months traffic being less than 100,000/mo

Goal: 200,000 users monthly by November 2019

To beef it up and add some spice to the blog, I have decided to almost double blog's traffic in the next 12 months. Currently, I plan to use content marketing and Facebook advertisement to reach my goal. I believe more in depths, top best of articles will be produced much more for this challenge.


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