Affordable 5 Day Tour in Georgia (Tbilisi, Gudauri, Kazbegi & Sighnaghi)

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Discover the Eastern part of Georgia in 5 days. Enjoy the distinctive architecture, get acquainted with Georgian traditions, historical heritage, and taste delicious Georgian cuisine.

After flight you might be exhausted so it is better not to go far from Tbilisi. Summers in Georgia may be unpredictable but even warm drizzling rain is pleasant so there is nothing to be afraid of. Right after you arrive at hotel and have some rest we can go outside and visit some of the most outstanding fleshpots of Tbilisi according to you your preferences. It is possible to have a walk in Rustaveli Avenue (the main street) or peripheral streets as well. Tbilisi is known for the abundance of its art-cafes and unprecedented delicious cuisine so get ready for a small gastronomic tour on the very first day of arrival.

Holy Trinity Cathedral – it is one of the youngest but the most popular churches in whole Georgia. Situated in one of the historically oldest parts of the cities cathedral can be seen almost from all the districts. Its gold leaf dome shines brightly in any weather. Church leads you on a spiritual tour introducing beautiful handwritten bible and numerous icons of the saints.

Metekhi Church – a very recognizable place due to the equestrian monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali – the founder of the city. This image is imprinted on many T-shirts and even Georgian money. It may have even become symbol of Tbilisi. The church itself is old and bears a long history of Muslim conquests though nowadays it is a quiet place where you can have a rest in the small garden looking over at the Mtkvari River. 

Europe Square – the heart of Old Town. Whenever you pass by it is impossible not to hear music and cheerful laughter no matter the daytime. Lots of restaurants are situated in the square as well as Shardeni Street with its mixture of Georgian hospitality and middle-eastern coloring. 

Narikala Fortress – its construction dates back to 17th century and despite the sanguinary battles taking place in the area fortress has remained in its grandeur and steadiness. A very steep road leads to huge middle-age-like doors and shows a church on the territory of Narikala Fortress. You can see a big bell at the wall and little steps adjacent to the wall leading to the higher layer of the fortress. The view from its top is panoramic and makes you feel special – you are standing right on the stones that used to be a battlefield of Georgians and their invaders!

Sulphur Baths – another landmark which associates with relaxation and enervation. Sulphur baths offer unforgettable experience in the hot springs where you can also ask for traditional Georgian services like having an after-bath procedure with ‘meqise’ – a person who conducts a massage-like manipulation by clapping your back with a small whisk. Also according to the legend Tbilisi got its name thanks to these hot springs – Tbilisi means ‘warm place’.

Leghvtakhevi Waterfall – it is rather a newly discovered place which was renovated a couple of years ago but has already conquered the hearts of the tourists by moderate humidity and sounds of bustling waterfall. 

Ananuri Fortress – this place somehow resembles architecture of Narikala Fortress but its parts have better remained with all the cellars and towers. This fortress again represents Georgia’s ancient culture. 

Jhinvali water reservoir – is right at the foot of Ananuri Fortress and the picturesque view lets you forget about the daily worries. This place is really nice for making memorable photos.

Gudauri “People’s Friendship” mountain view point – is an exceptional view that lets you contemplate the beauty of Georgian mountains. You will see a big soviet mosaic panel there that has gained a big popularity among tourists and that might be one of the reasons why this soviet time’s ‘echo’ is still standing at the top of the mountain. You can take interesting pictures here as well.

Gergeti Holy Trinity Church – this place requires special attention as it is situated really high in the mountains. Of course it is possible to reach the church not only by car but on foot as well but the idea that it is situated at the height of 2170 meters makes any mind anxious. Gergeti Church is a remarkable landmark where you can get a broad view of the Caucasus Mountains covered with mist no matter the time of the year. The beauty of the place will be on your mind for a long time.

Sighnaghi – city in the eastern part of Georgia, ‘City of Love’, ‘Region of Wine’, “Georgina San Marino’ – these are the nicknames for the small but very extravagant city of Signaghi. Despite of being recently restored there are many historic places to visit. One of them is Bodbe monastery known as the burial place of the St. Nino – the pilgrim who brought Christianity to Georgia. You can rest here from big cities and slowly dissolve in the narrow sunny streets. 

Lopota Resort (overnight stay) – this place has gained great popularity and is claimed to be the first large-scope Georgian resort. Lopota is paradise without any exaggeration. It is hidden in the shade and greenery. Artificial lake makes place more humid and once entering this place you would like to stay here as long as possible. Apart from resting in the peacefulness of Lopota you have chance to test yourself in horse-riding and golf. Degustation of wine is always open on the veranda.  

In the morning you will be served at Lopota Resort with wonderful breakfast. Having spent some more time in the Georgian paradise you will have to pack your bags and get ready for departure as time to leave will slowly approach. By the time you come back to Tbilisi you can choose the place where to go or what to do before going to airport. It is possible to pick an interesting restaurant or find any culinary master-classes. In the evening we will take you to the airport.