Bad Discovery - Missing foundation for house

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Today I decided to keep digging trench around existing house fundament to prepare works for upcoming concreting works.

Yesterday I bough a concrete mixer and mixed first test of concrete, load of gravel were already waiting and of course a sacks of cement were bought. It was just a matter of shovel and hand work.

And then the bad news came - our house is partly missing foundation. 

It turned out that at the end of house, there is no foundation at all, for about 2,5 meters. Well that makes things a little bit complicated, as I need to lay down the foundation at this part of the house from a scratch - I will need to dig deeper and more wider here. Should I mention I was really pissed of after such discovery? 

Missing foundation

Missing foundation

I kept digging and at the end dig 1 meter wide and about 1.5 meter deep pit just under the house. Tomorrow I will start first concreting works, but today I will sleep very restlessly.