Bitcoin, Gym, SP 500 and Tbilisi

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Another interesting week has started here in Tbilisi. At the night I woke up I placed a long position on Bitcoin futures at $40,017, later in the morning before going to the gym I noticed Bitcoin in but under $40,000. Once I was at the gym Bitcoin tumbled another 1000 points, and I had a chance to think a lot about liquidity issues.

Post-processed a few photographs and made a short movie about our Easter adventures. 

I know Bitcoin correlates with SPX 500, so I was waiting for the futures market to open and quite frequently refreshed CNBC. during the day Bitcoin bit recovered and I placed a few more trades with a long position. 

At 15:20 left for the QSI school, with Ramaz, our new driver. At the school noticed the Latvian flag was finally raised. Happy Made a selfie with daughter. i have been asking for the flag since mid-January.

Bitcoin recovered a bit more, the stock market opened - I sold one call option on TLRY. As we are planning a trip to Batumi this Wed, I guess I will have a very fun Friday with options.

Life is good! Talk soon,