Sold all Bitcoin, Seb Mutual funds, Baltic Horzion and DelfinGroup Stock

Yesterday, on October 25, 2021, I sold all of the Bitcoin holdings I had with Coinbase PRO. Additionally, I sold off all my investments with SEB mutual funds and stocks at Nasdaq Baltic: Baltic Horizon, and DelfinGroup.

I did this because I have started another interesting 52-week challenge - buying Apple stock for the next 52 weeks and I want to focus on that challenge. 

As an options trader, I want to collect at least 100 shares with Apple stock and start selling covered calls on it (subscribe to my newsletter here)

Selling BTC seems was just at the right time, now when there are a few Bitcoin ETF's available at the stock market, and I guess I will explore my options selling puts with BITO ETF.

Anyhow, I sold BTC with about 48% gain in less than 5 months (I was buying once a week small bits using the so-called dollar-cost averaging method)

I guess I will re-start my Bitcoin 52-week challenge again. Starting next week. Bitcoin has proven to work best using dollar-cost averaging.

SEB funds? Yeah, they are fine, but not very interesting to me. Baltic stocks, yeah why not, but I, for now, I'll better stick with Apple and Bitcoin.

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