Diaries from Tbilisi - Bitcoin's Correlation to S&P 500, Teacher's Parent meeting at QSI

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Good evening from Tbilisi!

The day started with a few short positions on Bitcoin, while I was waiting for the stock futures updates from CNBC, visited my hairdresser Katya, got my hair trimmed and straightened. Love it.

The futures market opened and showed kind of a green day ahead, my short positions on Bitcoin got challenged, but I decided to keep them open and see what happens next.

We went to the newly opened Domino DIY shopping mall in the Dighomi area and bought some goodies and tools for Sandra's urban garden in Vake. At 16:00 we had agreed on a teacher-parent meeting at QSI.

Had a lovely conversation with Ms. Nino, and discussed our 3-year olds achievements at school. All is good. Progressing by days.

The stock market opened and Bitcoin gained another 500 points, I kept adding more short positions, but at one moment accidentally placed a buy, instead of a short, took a small loss.

Not sure if sustainable, but for now Bitcoin correlates with SP 500.

Now packing our luggage for tomorrow's train trip to Batumi.