Blog 9-year anniversary

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Wow, time flies, today on October 10, 2022, we are already celebrating 9 years since I launched my personal blog at

Over the years the blog has grown into something big and had become a part of my daily life - many topics have been covered, many more will be covered, many friendships have been established, and many more will be established. 

Blog visitor traffic over the past 9 years

Almost 6 million users have visited this blog over the past 9 years. With 20% coming from the US, 10% from India, 6% United Kingdom, 4% Philippines and 3% from Canada.

The top 10 articles are about some of the best-selling laptops and average salaries across the European Union.

For the years to come, I will focus more on my investing adventures with crypto and stocks, photography, and video.

My body weight this morning was 108kg - I hope I will be under 100, before turning 10

To the next 99 years.