Five Year Blog Anniversary

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Today, on October 10th, 2018, website is celebrating its 5th birthday. Each blog anniversary is a huge milestone for me and the 5th birthday is no exception. What has started as a simple experiment has turned out to be a successful online business venture!

It was just yet another Autumn evening when back on October 10, 2013, I registered domain name, but in fact, I started my blog some 7 days earlier on October 3rd, 2013.

I had my blog been set up and it already was filled with a few articles, before it was actually launched. Yes, such strange behavior probably can be explained that geeks do geek things, though I don't see a geek in me.

I started this blog thing with a goal - To blog 365 consecutive days and when I launched I was looking to reach about 6,000 monthly users by the end of my first blogging year. The fact is, after the first year of consecutive blogging I reached just 3,364 monthly users, what was just a half of my goal. Now 5 years later I'm reaching an audience of 100,000 and more users monthly. Amazing,though it has been a long road

Blog traffic October 2013 - October 2018 (Data source: Google Analytics)

Blog traffic October 2013 - October 2018 (Data source: Google Analytics)

In the past five year's blog has attracted more than 3 million users and generated more than 4.2 million page views.

For the past five years, I have been writing every single day - that's more than 1800 days not missing an article (Ok, I missed two days back in 2014 actually)  - consecutive writing has been my corner strategy.

Writing an article per day for 5 consecutive years is not an easy task. That's why I've decided for the next year I will limit my writing just to 5 articles per week - you can still expect an article on weekdays. 

For the future, I can see that I will keep writing about my travels (in and out Georgia), investments (crypto, peer to peer lending and stocks), and some technical geek stuff about Drupal website development, for example.