Blog Online Income Report - January 2015 - $701.80

Welcome to my blog's thirteen online income report, this time covering earnings I have made solely with my blog in month of January 2015.

Those reports keeps me track were I'm, were I was and were I'm heading to. I hope they can inspire some as well.

About Online Income in January 2015

  • In total my blog helped me to earn additional $752.65, what is a decrease of -62.95% if compared to previous month, when we (blog and me) earned pretty serious $2,029.67
  • $752.65 in a month equals to $24.27 in a day

Technically speaking, my January's earnings would be about the same as minimum wage in Portugal.

About Blog Traffic in January

I guess it would be just fair to share some data how much visitors my blog is attracting in these income reports, right? Well, Actually, I have a separate blog category for such kind of reports - 'Blog Statistics' - but to keep it simple, I will give you some overview of January traffic:

Speaking of January traffic - in short - it was an awesome month, in total my blog attracted 19,798 users, I didn't managed to crack 20,000 milestone, but I do not feel sad about that at all. 

About income streams

In January earned from

  • Amazon Associates
  • Amazon CPM
  • Google Adsense

I will not dig in details how much exactly each income stream brought me in - I will just stick with following info - Amazon Associates alone brings me in more than 90% of total income.

About expenses

I believe this is another issue which should be included in every online income report - actual expenses. I have been doing those reports for already 1 year, and I have never included expenses section into them. Well, probably because I thought they are not playing any major role, because they are small enough (yet).

Anyway - I did have some expenses during January

  • Linode VPS - $40.00
  • Linode VPS 2 - $10.85
  • Total expenses: $50.85

I bought another Linode VPS for making few Drupal development tests

Were I was a year ago

Since this is already thirteen online income report - it means only one - I'm trying to monetize my blog already for one year, and here is how much I earned a year ago:

Here is my online income report for January (2014).

  • Google Adsense - $8.37
  • Booking affiliate - 0

Total - $8.37

By average in January I earned $0.27 per day. What makes me to be below extreme poverty if compared to World's poorest countries.

I'm pretty satisfied with this year on year growth.

About Online Income Report Round Up posts

I must admit I'm reading how other bloggers are performing and how much they are earning with their blogs, probably many of those bloggers i have discovered thanks to round up posts of online income reports. I must admit - reading others success or failures has given me faith to continue improving my results.

This January, my humble blog has been included in following blog round up posts:

Honestly speaking, ofcourse it's cool to be noticed and showcased on other blogs as an example or inspiration (hopefully)

Goals/Forecast for February

This is a tricky part - to make any forecasts or goals. I will predict around $600 for February. Because of - there are less days in February, and I'm affraid of a traffic drop this month.