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Blog Online Income Report - December 2014


<p>Welcome to my twelve blog income report - covering month of December 2014.&nbsp;</p><p>I'm making an <a href="">income report</a> each month covering earnings I have made solely in internet and in general with my blog.</p><p>Those reports keeps me track were I'm, were I was and were I'm heading to. I hope they can inspire some as well.</p><h2>About onlineā€¦

Amazon CPM ads review


<p>I have been a proud Amazon Associate since this summer and during this time I have made some (as I think) <a href="">pretty solid income</a> from Amazon Associates program.</p><p>Nowadays for me it's hard to remember what impulse got me to switch to Amazon, because for more than 5 years I have been using Google Adsense only to try to monetize my internet assets. But I'm glad that such impulseā€¦