Blog statistics April 2014

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<p>Month of April was pretty good in terms of organic search traffic. My traffic increased by <strong>80.258%</strong> this month compared with <a href="">previous month</a>. In total making <strong>977 unique</strong> visitors.</p><p><img src="; width="1018" height="556"></p><p>By now I'm getting 32.5 unique visitors in a day.</p><p>My goal is to reach 6000 unique visitors in a month, by end of this September/October.</p><p>6000/month stands for 200/day. Right now I'm 1/6 there. Time is left not so much - 5 months. And that is making me worried. Althoug I'm seeing pretty good traffic increase, it's still very modest. And if things will continue go like previous 7 month, it could be hard to get 6000 uniques b end of this September/October.</p><p>Speaking of my next month prognosis (May), I will keep my prognosis modest - I will be happy to see result 1200-1500 by end of this May. Acutally it's interesting, this <a href="">January</a&gt; I got overall more than 1400 uniqe visitors, thanks to <a href="">my first traffic spike</a>. It would be great to get bigger numbers this month. But as I said, I'm pretty modest in my this month prognosis.</p>