Blog statistics May 2014

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<p>Last month I expressed hopes to achieve 1200-1500 users this month, unfortunately my hopes were false. My blog traffic experienced growth, but not as much I hopped for.</p><p>Compared with month of April, in month of May traffic to my blog raised for <strong>5%</strong> and totalled in <strong>1027</strong> users.</p><p><img src="; alt="Blog statistics" title="Blog statistics" width="1021" height="553"></p><p>By now I'm getting in average 33.12 visitors a day, what is up for 0.62 visitors in day compared with previous month.</p><p>In overall it was pretty OK, but I hopped for more.</p><p>I'm still hopping to get about 6000 users in month by end of this September/October. Will it happen? It depends - I can keep on relying on organic search traffic, or I can use some paid advertisement options. For now I haven't yes used any paid options. Depending on results at the end of this Summer and my mood - I could and I could not prefer paid advertisement in order to get more traffic.</p>