Bolonia Beach near Tarifa

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Bolonia beach or Playa Bolonia is located on the shores of Atlantic Ocean some 20 km west of Tarifa. We got here at the start of June, 2016 early in the morning, just after checked out from La Codorniz hotel.

The beach and bay is also known as Playa de Bolonia ("Bolonia Beach"), Ensenada de Bolonia ("Bolonia Cove"), or Bolonia Bay. We spent here about a few hours and got the tan for the rest of the Summer. Someone, actually, for the first time in her lifetime had an opportunity to actually swim in real Ocean. Congrats.

Once we arrived on site, there were a parking lot on rocks arranged by some local volunteers, luckily we got a free space, a couple of hours later, there were no free parking space left. Tip - arrive early. 

Coastal village Bolonia near Tarifa in Spain

Coastal village Bolonia near Tarifa in Spain

This small village is known also as the location for the ruins of the Roman town of Baelo Claudia, which are located near the beach, considered to be the most complete Roman town ruins yet uncovered in Spain. 

Playa de Bolonia

Playa de Bolonia

The beach is about 3.8 kilometres (2.4 mi) in length, with an average width of about 70 metres (230 ft). 

There is actually one more interesting thing at the end of the beach located - Duna de Bolonia, or as we called it a White Dune, I will cover a separate story for it, shortly.


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