Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 1 - planing

So you have decided you'll use Drupal for your brand new website? Don't know where to start?

A webpage is like an investment you make in your companies asset. Before building a website, no matter is it Drupal or it is not a Drupal, you must carefully plan - what about is this website? What value does it give? Is it a personal webpage/blog just for personal use, or it's made to attract new/more customers to your business? Attracting new customers - well, yes it sounds nice in theory, but what about taking care of already existing customers? To inform them about your companies activities, offers?

Being many years in web development business, I cannot give a clear answer - what's the use of the website. I can just say - it depends.

In further posts, I would like to go through website planning, building, and marketing steps.

I will use real examples, not a theory.

So let's start with planning:

Example: Tourism company offering fishing, hunting, skiing tours.

Needs: to have a website, to show potential customers, services company offers, and attract new customers.

Planning: By knowing that customer is a tourism company, we already have some idea what to build, right? Let's see - the company offers fishing, hunting, skiing. We have already decided to use Drupal to build a website. First guess, what came to mind, we should use a lot high-quality photos? So we should plan a time, to take high-quality photos, or to hire a professional photographer. We need to plan to use some photo editing tools, like Photoshop, or we need to hire a professional designer, who could make our photos stand out.

Ok, we need photos? What kind of? That's easy, if the company offers fishing tour - we should take a photos of lakes, rivers, oceans, where the fishing tour is set to be. The same applies for hunting and skiing.

We need to have a descriptive description of each tour we offer. Again - we have an opportunity to write by ourselves, or to hire a copywriter, to make the text to STAND out, right? Not just description, but descriptive descriptions.

Ok, we have 3 types of tours - fishing, hunting, skiing.. Just it? Nope? I guess company offers not just one fishing tour, but many - like fishing catfish, or fishing catfish. We can divide fishing tour in levels like - fishing tour for beginners, intermediate or advanced, right? And target each auditory separate, or by using a professional photographer, or descriptions based on potential customers level.

By knowing this, we can make a plan for a Drupal website. I will not dig deep in technical details, like how to setup a Drupal site e.t.c. I'll just point that Drupal has the option to use Content Types. Basically starting each website, we should choose minimum installation profile, not standard - so we can make our content types later as we wish. 


I guess we can agree on that, that we can create a new content type on Drupal site called Tours, and enter each tour our company wants as a separate node.

How to add pictures? Again, we must enable Image and Field UI modules, and add a Image field for our content type.


What about those levels? Well, easy - we must enable taxonomy module, create a new taxonomy vocabulary, and add it to our content type.


You see? If we have a plan before, we can easily adopt it to Drupal.

Now, lets add some values by creating few nodes:


By adding different fields to our content type, we can achieve a great feature on our Drupal site. That's one of the reasons, I like Drupal so much - it's Agile.

In close future, I'll write more how to add some more fields to our content type, how to use Drupal views, to build awesome features, and we will apply some basic responsive deign technique by using Bootstrap theme.

Please feel free to contact me on your next Drupal project :)