Can Facebook Boosted Posts Drive Profitable Traffic through Google AdSense?

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Lately, I've been pondering over the question of whether it's possible to monetize traffic driven from Facebook Boosted Posts.

I recently conducted an experiment where I used the Facebook Boosted Posts feature for the first time and was impressed with the results. The traffic generated was so promising that I decided to test the potential for monetization through Google AdSense.

In January 2014, I planned to use Facebook Boosted Posts multiple times, each time spending $5, with the goal of driving at least 500 visitors to the website. I added Google AdSense ad units on the landing pages, hoping to see if the ads could earn me a profit.

The plan was to use Facebook Boosted Posts twice or maybe even three times a month and see if Google AdSense could pay off some of the expenses.

It is important to note that this experiment may not be in line with Google AdSense terms of service.