Carpe Diem Cafe Bar in Tbilisi

Carpe Diem is a cozy cafe bar in Tbilisi, located between Narikala fortress and Shardeni. Here at Carpe Diem you can try tasty home made burgers and have a herbal tea in pot. 

Because of this place been located in a steep uphill between Narikala fortress and Old Town, I have visited this place just twice so far, both of the times after climbing down from the fortress. The good news, this cafe bar have been in business for years, and it means just one - it's a good place. 

Carpe Diem is one of the rare places in Tbilisi, where  smoking inside is not allowed.

Carpe Diem in Tbilisi

Carpe Diem in Tbilisi

Carpie Diem in Tbilisi is located next to the Armenian Apostolic church. Had to make a panoramic photo, to frame both places in one photo. 

Interior at Carpe Diem

Interior at Carpe Diem

The Bottom Line: 

Surprisingly, very affordable pricing, so for example a hand made burger served with chips about GEL 10, pot of tea - 5 GEL.

Nice place to have some tea or fast snack after exploring Narikala.

5 Samghebro St 0108 Georgia
Coordinates: 41.689042 44.808774

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