Christmas Cooking Photo Session in The Kitchen - Olivie salads, Pirozhki and of course Pizza

Updated: 25 December, 2016 seen 129

That time of the year have come and for the rare time this year I was actually operating with camera in our kitchen - in today's special Christmas menu - our "traditional Georgian Christmas" table - salad Olivie, pirozhki and of course that tasty pizza. 

It was that time of the year when again I installed a tripod, put a telephoto lens and decided to shoot macro's. 

Christmas time during our expat time in Georgia have always marked two essential things to do - first to visit annul Christmas charity fair and  second, on Christmas eve to cook something cool. Like we have baked gingerbreads, pirozhki and of course pizzas

Dough is been fermented

A mandatory ingredient for our Christmas table is dough, which we prepare by ourselves. 

Ingredients for salad Olivie

I just love traditional Russian Olivie salads, they are quite easy to prepare. 

Boiled carrots and potatoes for Olivie Salad

Yup, one of the rare times you boil whole carrots.

Coffee break

Might be a cool addition to our Peace of Life series.

Rolling pin 

We are going to make a base for pizza using this rolling pin.

Pirozhki waiting to be baked

Filled with a meat/onion mix.

Our Christmas table 2016

From our traditional Georgian Christmas table - pizza, pirozhki (not visible in this photo) and of course salad Olivie - 100% hand made. And one of the mine latest favorite wines - Ojaleshi, rumor has it Stalin loved it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!