The Chronicle of Georgia, Monument Near Tbilisi Sea

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The Chronicle of Georgia, also called History Memorial of Georgia is one of the hidden gems of Tbilisi.

Not at all a popular tourist spot, but definitely one of the impressive sites I have discovered lately. Located near the Tbilisi sea (it's a water reservoir actually) this place not only tells history of Georgia, but gives really spectacular views to surrounding vicinity. And impresses of it's size.

On a lovely Sunday's afternoon I packed my camera and tripod, ordered a taxi using Taxify app and asked to take me to this place and back (with waiting time for about 30 minutes). I paid 20 GEL, and by now I can say, made one of the best day trips in Georgia during my almost 6 years presence here. See: All About Georgia

If you feel indie travel just like me, take you options get there using taxi, marshrutka or maybe walking, or see how can I save you time and money by helping to plan your itinerary to Georgia, see organized tours in Georgia.

The Chronicle of Georgia

Now I would love to put this place in one shelf together with Sameba cathedral, Yerevan cascade and Garni Temple in Armenia. Really impressive sites.

Unusual views towards Tbilisi

The Chronicle of Georgia

You will be impressed by the height of this memorial. The Chronicle of Georgia was created by Zurab Tsereteli, a Georgian born Soviet-trained sculptor. Building began in 1985. The statue is partially incomplete. Though seems a lot of improvement works have been done recently and the complex might become a popular tourist spot very soon.

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The Chronicle of Georgia

I'm not an expert in Georgian language, not to say I don't understand Georgian script, but it gives a feeling something medieval should be written here. Georgian Chronicle after all. 

See: for Georgian translation.

Walk among Giants

See girl in the middle of picture? Now you have some idea how huge and impressive this memorial site is.

View towards Tbilisi

A small church

There is a small Georgian Orthodox church located next to the memorial.

Views toward Tbilisi sea

The Bottom Line

I feel very sure that it's just a matter of time and this place will be on every travelers to Georgia bucket list. And there is a good reason for that!