December 2017 Dividend Income Report - $173.64

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Welcome to the eighth (#8) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks, peer to peer lending (both fiat and cryptocurrencies) in December 2017. 

As it was expected, already since the middle of the year, December was the record breaker and generated a dividend income in total of $173.64

See a complete list of things going on behind the scenes and my investment plans for 2018: 2017 in Review and Financial Goals for 2018

As usual, I was doing nothing much, just investing in great companies, playing a little bit with cryptocurrencies and lending out money via peer to peer marketplace. Most of the December was on autopilot, just at the start of the month I deposited some chunk of money to peer to peer lending marketplace, and at the end of the month - purchased additional shares of Talina kaubamaya group on Nasdaq Baltics.

I spent some time in December learning to mine cryptocurrencies, and actually even set up a custom ethereum mining rig, also I started to explore options for investments in cloud mining contracts, but as right now such mining operations don't fit in my philosophy of a true passive income, I'm not planning to add earnings made in crypto mining to these monthly dividend income reports. On the other hand, right now cryptocurrency mining operations make me about $4 - 5$ daily if combined and I want more, way more.

Learn more here: (Affiliate link here - if you will click, register and decide to invest, I might earn 10% commission from that) - Estonia based cloud mining company

Please note - I'm not a financial advisor, services mentioned in this article use at your own risk and remember your capital is at risk, you could lose some or all of your money.

About Portfolio December 2017

At the end of December, I've invested a total of $12,057.41 what greatly exceeds my initial plan for investments in 2017 and equals to 140.84% of total planned investments in 2017. Also, at the end of December, I've reached 1.61% from my ultimate one million dollar goal by the time I will turn 60 (in 2045). 

All final/total currencies are converted to the US dollar, though I've investments in GEL, EUR and USD currencies.

Net Worth December 2017

Net Worth December 2017

For the past 12 months, it has been a steady value growth resulting in a total of +33.34% value growth for the entire portfolio at the end of December. Here is the breakdown of positions (year to date growth)

  • peer to peer lending: -5.97%
  • Stocks: -2.29%
  • Mutual funds: +6.12%
  • Crypto investments: +348.45%

As you can see from the graph above, most of the value growth happened in December and because of cryptocurrencies. Soaring prices for bitcoin, litcoin, ripple, and ethereum being the main driven force behind.

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Remember - investments are risky, never invest more you can afford to lose.

For the fifth month in a row the value of my investments on Mintos marketplace has been declining, despite Mintos being the top performer of dividend payments (loan payments), and here is why - Georgian Lari currency continues to lose value against EUR. Be extra cautious when investing in international currencies.

Both individuals and entities can invest through Mintos. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account in the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU, and have their identity successfully verified by Mintos. At the moment, US citizens or taxpayers cannot register as investors at Mintos.

Affiliate link here: Sign up to here. By using this affiliate link for registration both you and I will receive — 1% of your average daily balance which should be paid in 3 installments for the first 90 days.

Also, for the first time, value for my investments in Nasdaq Baltics was with a negative value, decreasing to -2.29%. I believe this is just a correction, and I'm looking very positively on this stock market in 2018.

Top Dividend Paying Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic I'm Planning to Acquire in 2018

Having a diversified portfolio helps, and it definitely helped me last December. Despite negative returns in most of the portfolio positions, the total value growth is with a positive +33.34% sign. Awesome.

Investment portfolio structure December 2017

Investment portfolio structure December 2017

I keep investing in - stocks, peer-to-peer lending, mutual funds, cash, and cryptocurrencies. Despite Crypto position now is the largest from the portfolio, the vast majority remains invested in Nasdaq Baltics and peer to peer lending loans (in EUR and GEL currencies)

About Investments in December 2017

Last month I invested additional:

  • Nasdaq Baltics stock market: EUR 322.7
  • Cryptocurrencies: EUR 175 
  • EUR 215.25

Total investments in December: EUR 712.95

From money invested in Baltic equity market I bought following shares:

  • Tallina Kaubamaya (TKM1T ) - 35 Shares

This, Estonian company promises dividend payment in April 2018.

Interest income in December 2017

From investments in stocks, peer to peer lending marketplace and from cryptocurrency lending on I got following income last month:

  • Olainfarm: EUR 10.89
  • Nordecon: EUR 9
  • Latvijas Gāze: EUR 43.56
  • SAF Tehnika: EUR 30.15
  • EUR 46.84
  • EUR 8.51

Total: EUR 147.96 / USD 173.64

Pretty busy month, if compared to the other months this year

Monthly income to the date

During the past 12 months, dividend income from my portfolio has produced  $663.99, or 5.5 % year to the date yield with last December being the top performing month.

Monthly income chart for December 2017

Monthly income chart for December 2017

As forecasted many times before, December was the bank breaker. Sure nothing impressive, but right now, reaching dividend income at $170 just 12 months later I started this journey feels awesome. In fact, now there are two months in 2017 with dividend income above $100 levels - July and December.

Investment Goal #1 - $100/mo from Dividend Payments

When looking on 2018, right now it seems that the earliest time to crack $100 milestone again should come in April/May. Following January, February and March seem pretty silent from my dividend portfolio. 

Goals for December 2018 Dividend Income

I'm looking to get about $200 in December 2018 dividend income

The Bottom Line

In general 2017 have been a very interesting year, with ups and down. Do dividend investing works? Sure dude! Will it make you a decent living? It will take some time to get there. 


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