Top Dividend Paying Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic I'm Planning to Acquire in 2018

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I've been investing in Baltic equity market since April 2017, currently (2017) my capital has been exposed to 14 great companies listed on the Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange giving a combined dividend yield on cost 4.04%

For detailed reports see Nasdaq Baltics Review After One Month Investment in Dividend Paying Stocks and Dividend Paying Stocks - Review After 3 Months of Investing in Nasdaq Baltics. Also, make sure to read monthly dividend income reports as well.

For tracking stock portfolio I've built a simple Google Spreadsheet, you can learn more and download in this article: Simple Google Spreadsheet to Track Stock Portfolio Changes Using GOOGLEFINANCE

As I have been a strong monthly dividend growth investor, I keep investing in stocks throughout the year in several batches. When Investing in Nasdaq Baltic, the great help to learn more about upcoming dividends is Dividend Calendar.

Some readers have asked me - do I just invest based on dates or I do my homework and research companies before investing. Of course, I do my homework and do at least fundamental analysis for each stock I'm adding to the portfolio.

But as I'm just starting out, sometimes I overpay for the stocks, like Silvano Fashion Group (SFG1T) or OlainFarm (OLF1R). On the other hand, I'm here for a long-term (at least 10 years) and as long I don't feel I'm making a fatal error, I feel OK after seeing a negative return in the portfolio. 

Now, when planning investments for 2018 in Nasdaq Baltics, I did another simple research, based on historical data and my own experience to list stocks I'm looking to acquire next year. 

Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic I'm Planning to Acquire in 2018

Please remember: your capital is at risk when investing in stocks and you could actually lose some, if not all money, as stock prices might drop. invest only money you are comfortable to lose.

Company name Ticker Market Cap Price Action
Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius ESO1L 778.33 M €0.87 Increase by 100%
Tallink Grupp TAL1T 730.17 M €1.09 Acquire
Lietuvos energijos gamyba LNR1L 398.2 M €0.63 Acquire
Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS TKM1T 375.52 M €9.22 Acquire
Olympic Entertainment Group OEG1T 280.81 M €1.85 Increase by 100%
Latvijas Gāze GZE1R 258.35 M €10.20 Increase by 100%
Amber Grid AMG1L 253.3 M €1.42 Increase by 100%
Tallinna Vesi TVEAT 246. M €12.30 Increase by 100%
Klaipėdos nafta KNF1L 194.49 M €0.51 Acquire
Olainfarm OLF1R 142.26 M €10.10 Increase by 50%
Apranga APG1L 142.1 M €2.57 Acquire
Linas Agro Group LNA1L 104.9 M €0.66 Increase by 100%
Silvano Fashion Group SFG1T 97.92 M €2.72 Increase by 100%
Žemaitijos pienas ZMP1L 89.49 M €1.85 Increase by 70%
Harju Elekter HAE1T 88.52 M €4.99 Acquire
Vilniaus baldai VBL1L 52.08 M €13.40 Acquire
Nordecon NCN1T 42.09 M €1.30 Increase by 100%
Ekspress Grupp EEG1T 37.25 M €1.25 Increase by 100%
SAF Tehnika SAF1R 22.6 M €7.61 Increase by 100%
Snaigė SNG1L 11.29 M €0.28 Acquire

Stock prices as of November 15, 2017

Table is ordered by market cap, for dividend yield check out this article: Dividend Paying Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic Market By Yield

As investments in the Baltic stock, equity is just a part from my broader 1 million dollars saving account by the time I will turn 60 (2045) I'm planning to invest in the Baltics about EUR 5,000 in 2018 in several batches. 

It seems that January - March will be a quiet period on the stock exchange with little to no dividend paying stocks (I expect to see Vilniaus Baldai dividend payment in January) I will use this time to acquire new stocks and increase holdings in existing stocks. 

Right now the top priority is to acquire new stocks. New stocks mean more diversified portfolio. Also to increase total dividend payouts in 2018 the next priority is to increase and acquire more stocks in companies that paid great dividends in 2017