Eldar's Bike Workshop at Kidobani Market (Tbilisi)

Updated: 25 February, 2022 seen 724

Eldar's bike workshop is a place where back at the end of 2013 we bought two mountain bikes as a Christmases gift for ourselves.

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At Eldar's place you can fix leaky tires, fix brakes order new details and of course to buy a new or used bicycle. It was at the start of March, warm weather approached Tbilisi and I decided to change the leaky tire for one of our bikes, so I went to Kidobani market and searched for this workshop. 

Eldar's bike shop in Tbilisi

Eldar's bike shop in Tbilisi

Eldar asked me 8 lari for changing tube, he is a very nice and enthusiastic guy, can speak about bicycles a lot - he has some supplies from Europe - he is truly a master of his business.

Bikes are ready for the next cycling season

Bikes are ready for the next cycling season

Shot at our Tbilisi apartments terrace.

Here are Eldar's contacts (Russian, Georgian)

+995 593 336 479 or +995 597 153 642