Cycling Tbilisi - Night Ride - Tbilisi Old Town

This ride was an extended versions for ride I made a few days ago - Dinamo Arena - Dibude. And again - evening (night), with hopes there will be less people in the streets and less vehicles. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

Seems, Tbilisi never sleeps - and speaking of night cycling in this Caucasus city- it seems even more dangerous than cycling bt day - in day there are at least traffic jams, making overall vehicle movement  slow - by night - there are less cars (of course), but they drive twice as crazy as they do in days.

Not to speak about pedestrians - they never watch where are they going, they don't care are they on the pathway or in the middle of street - anyway- traffic in Tbilisi sucks.

We started our rode at Marjanishvilli street, headed down to Rose Garden, to take a look at newly opened open air cinema. Turns out they show movies here in exchange of - you must spend 10 GEL for coffee - another neat Georgian marketing trick. After stop at Rose's Garden we continued our ride heading to Dry Bridge, before that we turned right and went straight on Mtkvari river embankment to continue our way to Tbilisi Old Town.

Stairways in Middle of pathway 

Soon we reached Tbilisi Old Town (Rike park).

View to nightly Tbilisi is really awesome, and must have activity, once in Tbilisi.

Then we headed straight into Tbilisi Old Town (Shardeni) to take a brief snack in famous cafeteria Kala.

Kala in Tbilisi Old Town

After quick cold Coca-Cola and steak salads -  again through Old Town down to Kolhoznaya square, crossing another bridge, and we were on embankment one more time, this time heading home.

Georgian art on Bridge - those figures actually look pretty awesome in daylight as well

On our route home, rode through some Strip Club

Total distance for such a crazy ride was about 9.82 km, and it took us 1 hour and 33 minutes to complete this route (not counting stops and coffee breaks). Average speed - 6.3 km/h. Maximum speed 13 km/H.

Again - this was pretty crazy and I would say even a difficult route, thanks to unpredictable pedestrians and crazy drivers. To take this route, I would suggest to armor yourself with steel nerves. But if you are after beautiful night views of Tbilisi, grab your best camera learn night photography and take your chance to make one of the most beautiful pictures of Tbilisi by night.

For route tracking I used Map My Ride Android application, and again no complaints regarding to this. 

Next routes planned - Turtle Lake or Lisi lake. Update: see  Cycling Near Lisi Lake In Tbilisi (Route Map + Photos) . But for now it's time to buy and use helmets and other safety tools.