Facebook boost + Google Adsense

Updated: 23 January, 2020 seen 3,569

If we can drive more than 500 visitors to a website spending just 5 dollars using Facebook Boosted posts, then can we monetize this traffic and earn something back using Google AdSense?

This is the question of not giving me peace lately. It' has been already two days since I used the Facebook boost post feature for the first time, and results look very promising.

So promising that I decided to put Google AdSense ad units on the site (not a huge fan of AdSense though) and keep them until the end of January 2014, to test, if the traffic driven from Facebook, can earn me some cash?

So what is the plan?

In the month of January (2014), I will use Facebook boosted posts twice or maybe triple of times, each time spending $5. I'm hoping that each boosted post will result in at least 500 new visitors to the blog. 

I have already implemented some Google AdSense ad units on the site (on landing pages) Now I want to see, can Google AdSense give me something back, and will it bring me more than $5 for each time I spend $5.

It's for sure, I'll use Facebook boosted posts in 2014 at least twice a month. But now it's time to see - can Google AdSense pay off some of the expenses.

Update #1 This is not the best idea to experiment with - as it may Violate Google AdSense TOS

Update #2 This article was originally published at the end of 2013, at the start of 2020 I did a little grammar update